Learn Coding Through Play

LoCoMoGo is the toy train that teaches children coding through play. Now available on Indiegogo – limited seats left!

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We believe every child should have the opportunity to learn coding – but above all – that children should have fun.
91% of the parents want their kids to learn coding1. EdTech toys can fill this desire, however right now these tend to focus on learning how to code first and having fun is only secondary. That is why we created LoCoMoGo:

The toy train that teaches children aged 4-12 coding through play

Because 91% of parents might want their child to learn coding, but a 100% of them wants them to have fun.


Fun First


Keeps kids playing

How it works

Start playing with the LoCoMotive and create your own tracks by using tape on your floor or drawing them on a sheet.

The LoCoMotive will follow any track you create!
Upgrade with the Color Car and start learning basic code logic through play.

Simply add colors to your track and the LoCoMoGo train will respond to the colors in fun ways!
With the Connectivity Car you can start programming the LoCoMoGo train yourself!

The accompanying LoCoMoGo App makes coding becomes super fun and intuitive!
The LoCoMoGo App enables children to continuously solve challenges and unlock rewards.

LoCoMoGo truly grows with children over the years. This exciting journey takes kids from basic code logic to true code mastery, all while playing.
Each additional train car adds a new functionality, enabling more and more fun opportunities to play and code with.

Thijn, 8 years old

“This should be the toy of the year!“

Olivier, 5 years old

“I like the train a lot. My favorite is the wagon that lights up.“

Lianne (8) and Tessa (9)

“We like the train and how it follows the tape anywhere.“

Sarah, 5 years old

“The train is really fun because you can put down tape that makes the train go faster or slower.“

Loek, 8 years old

“I really like this train because I can decide what the train does, such as making it go faster.“

Jelmer Luimstra, Sprout editor

“LoCoMoGo is a promising startup with a great mission: preparing children for the job market of tomorrow.“

We are on the journey to provide every child with the opportunity to learn coding skills through play. However, we can’t reach this destination without you. That’s why we hope you’ll join us in making a difference!

Now available for pre-order Indiegogo